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Protecting Your eLiquid From The Heat

Protecting Your eLiquid From The Heat

If you’re a new vaper and keep your eLiquid in your car from time to time, you might want to consider finding a new home for them during these hot summer months.
E-Liquid’s is a viscous liquid and is designed to respond to heat appropriately. In part, this is what makes the ingredients vapeable. This means that proper storage is something every vaper should consider for the longevity of their eLiquid.

Storing eLiquid in abnormally warm places can cause them to degrade relatively quickly. Depending on the blend, eLiquid will start to break down at around 120 degrees Fahrenheit. With car temperatures quickly rising from 130 to 170 in summer heat, cars become far too hot for storing any type of eLiquid. The results can range from a degradation of flavor to liquid that doesn’t vaporize well, causing your coils to gunk up, becoming very thin and leaking from its container or device.

Visibly, there might not be much of a noticeable difference. E-Liquid that’s left in your car on a summer day might look the same, but most times you won’t be able to tell the difference until you vape it. The best thing to do is to store your E-Liquid in the right place to avoid the issue. There won’t be a way to get your liquid back to normal. Direct sunlight will degrade you eLiquid in a matter of a couple of hours.

The best thing you can do is store your eLiquid in a cool, dark place. This will help you get the best longevity out of all your flavors. If your heading out camping or to the beach, you might want to try putting your eLiquid in your ice chest. Happy Vaping!

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