House Blends

Tribal Vape House Blends

Our take on a sweet Oregon favorite.

Blue Blood
A battle of blueberry, blood orange, cherry, and strawberry.

Blue Raspberry
Classic take on an old fashion snow cone.

Butterscotch Ice Cream
The perfect combination of butterscotch discs blended with vanilla ice cream.

Cloud 9
A sweet blend of 9 different fruits to leave you high in the clouds.

Straight to the moon Allice.

Off the Reservation
Honey Graham cracker custard with a touch of banana.

Peach Rings
A handful of sweet peach 0’s tossed in your mouth.

A winter candy in every drop.

A smooth blend of peach, honeydew, and dragon fruit.

Raspberry Lemonade
A new take on a summertime classic that makes your taste buds scream for more.

Raging Bull
None of the jolt, but packed with flavor.

Taste the rainbow.

Smurf Snot
A sweet blueberry marshmallow.

A sweet strawberry and apple combination.

Strawberry Custard
Fresh strawberries on a decadent custard.

Tigers Blood
A blend of strawberry, orange, and cherry.

Very Berry
Sweet and tart mixed together to leave you berry happy.

Watermelon Wow
A hard candy flavor to enjoy all day.

Tobacco Flavors

A wonderful Turkish blend.

Pow Wow
A nutty vanilla tobacco blend (RY4).

Red Canyon
A blend of Virginia Tobacco.

Vanilla Bourb
Smooth, dark bourbon dipped tobacco.

All Flavors available in 60mls