I was introduced to electronic cigarettes through the normal channels, but found myself lacking as the units purchased at the convenience stores took forever to charge and the replaceable cartridges were a hit and miss on whether they would work or not. There was little recourse, unless you wanted to go through the hassle of contacting the company and shipping in the defective parts, to only wait weeks for replacements, which would result in buying more analog cigarettes or purchasing another unit in the meantime.

Nothing seemed to work. Patches and gum only fulfilled part of the craving. What most people don’t understand is that your cigarette habit isn’t just the addiction to nicotine. It’s the whole smoking experience. The inhailing, blowing out the smoke, and the hand to mouth action. Researchers have compared nicotine addiction to that of heroin addicts. It’s one of the hardest habits to kick and though countless studies have proven the harmful affects of all the added chemicals in analog cigarettes, they are still legal.

I had all but given up until we found VAPING. This form of electronic cigarettes was totally foreign to me. The batteries were easy and fast to recharge and the tanks were refillable! Not only that, but all the nasty chemicals were removed, not to mention the smell. The eliquid came in different nicotine levels and many flavors. All of the aspects of my habit were addressed. The hand to mouth, the inhailing, and the visual vapor at exhail. I was able to adjust my nicotine level without feeling like I was giving up on the quality of the smoking experience.
I also found that my need to take a “drag” was reduced. I didn’t have to “smoke” the whole tube of eliquid, as it wasn’t lit. I was in control for the first time. My devices were reliable and easy to use. The expense was also showing to be a great advantage. I realized that although I’d purchased a whole pack of cigarettes in the past, I’d actually only smoke 1/3 of my purchase. Most of my money and health were going up in smoke and ending up ash.

I’ve been cigarette free now for over six months and the cost benefits have been hundreds of dollars over the course of these months. It’s vapor with a pleasant odor and totally unoffensive to those around me. I’m no longer having to wash the inside of my windows in my vehicles from smoking in the car. There is no nicotine residue that is left on surfaces of my vehicle or clothing. I didn’t smoke in the house, but now I don’t have to go outside to satisfy my urge either.

I just can’t say enough about the benefits my family and I have gained from this new, but very trending, device. It comes in so many different styles and colors that everyone can find their own unique look. You can be as descrete as you want or even bigger and bolder. There are styles for the occassional smoker to the big vapor chasers.

As a former truck driver, I traveled the country visiting as many vapor shops as possible. I tested eliquid from one side of the country to the other trying to find the right mix for our eliquid. I want that wow factor. I deal directly with the manufacturers of the devices to bring my customers only the best products available. I believed in this technology and the benefits so much, I opened a store. Come visit us in Grants Pass, Oregon, or just here online. I’m here for you. Questions? Email me and I’ll return it as soon as possible.

Happy Vaping!